Dani Rice

Dani Rice, Ms. Wheelchair USA


Danielle “Dani” Rice was Ms. Wheelchair Washington USA 2020 and proudly wears the national crown of Ms. Wheelchair USA 2020-2021.  Dani’s platform for service, “With Eyes Wide Open” (WEWO) is sharing the real lives of

Dani was crowned in July 2020

individuals with disabilities through the medium of photography. The purpose, to depict the active lives of people with disabilities, and provide a creative example of representation of individuals with disabilities in the media; something that Dani believes is desperately needed.

Dani suffered a spinal cord injury in 2018 after medical tests, that included a lumbar puncture, went very wrong. While this incident has changed her life, it has not hindered her spirit! Following the injury, Dani suffered from depression and the need to find a new way in her new reality.  The Ms. Wheelchair USA program, provided that way for her.

Dani has been an independent provider for individuals with disabilities for the more than twelve years (prior to her injury), and continues to work serving those with disabilities in their daily lives.  In addition, she serves as a leader on the Caregiver Union’s negotiating team and represents other caregivers throughout her state working closely with legislators to improve service provision.

Dani is married to husband Sam, and has a preschool age son, Auggie. Along with her Mom & Dad, Dani helps care for her adopted brother and sister, both who have disabilities.  Dani is spending her year of service as Ms. Wheelchair USA promoting individuals with disabilities through representation in the media, while fundraising for The Dane Foundation through the sale of her photographs.


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With Eyes Wide Open (WEWO) Exhibition

Dani sees the world with her eyes wide open as she lives everyday with a disability.  Her exhibition, With Eyes Wide Open, is full of photographs that she has taken to signify how people with disabilities live “for real” everyday.  The photographs are all for sale and a portion of the proceeds benefit The Dane Foundation, serving individuals with physical and developmental disabilities.

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