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Erica Myron, Ms. Wheelchair USA 2021-2022

Winning wasn’t really a surprise…she had tried four times before and did it all right this time!

Erica Myron returned to the Ms. Wheelchair USA competition for the fifth time with the determination to make sure the national crown stayed in Washington state. And she DID IT!  Erica Myron is the first Native American to wear the crown of Ms. Wheelchair USA, and plans to use the year to not only celebrate her heritage, but discuss how art can improve mental health. Erica hails from

Meet the new Ms. Wheelchair USA!

Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation.  Her year will include specific plans to grow the Ms. Wheelchair USA organization, and expand services to individuals with physical and developmental disabilities through The Dane Foundation.

As a previous contestant, Erica has placed in the Top 5, and received several awards from Ms. Congeniality to The Dane Foundation Quality of Life Award. In addition to the national crown this year, Erica was again elected Ms. Congeniality, and won the Margarita Verano Namaste Award, and the first Ms. Wheelchair USA Social Media Community Award.  She was also the recipient of the Dr. Georgi Hudson-Smith Quest for Knowledge Award as she is the recent graduate of University of Washington Tacoma, and the first in her family to earn a degree.

Erica’s very first interview as the new Ms. Wheelchair USA with Jeremy Parsons MWUSA host & host of People, The TV Show!

Over the past few years, Erica has been committed to her education. After receiving a Nursing Assistant certification (CNA) in 2016, Erica continued her education to receive an Associate’s degree with honors from Pierce College and, in 2020, a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences with a minor in American Indian Studies. She served as the Diversity and Equity Coordinator during her college career.

Erica plans to pursue a PhD in English, with her research focusing on the intersectionality of various movements pertaining to Native American resistance; specifically, how cultures intersect between the Black Panther Party, the American Indian Movement, the Brown Berets, and the Chicano Movement.  Ultimately Erica plans to start Indigenous Studies Programs throughout the college/university arena.

Erica is committed to improving the lives of others, especially those with spinal cord injuries. In 2003, she was shot four times by an acquaintance, and

With MWUSA Founder & Executive Producer Lowery Lockard (right) and Red Carpet & MWUSA Media Team host Dr. Truett Vaigneur.

the resulting injuries landed her in a wheelchair for her daily mobility. Over time, Erica has learned that there are ways to live a happy and fulfilled life, despite a disability. Currently she is involved with the Here and Now Project that encourages participants to live their lives for today.  As her platform displays, it’s never too late to color your life, and she teaches that art projects, of any kind, can improve a person’s mental and physical well-being.

Erica hails from Puyallup, Washington and is married to husband Joshua, and has an 18-year-old son Fabian. Erica was selected based on her performance in the Panel and Round-Robin Interviews, a platform and marketing on-stage presentation and on-stage interviews.  Of course, she was stunning in her evening wear competition as well.  “I know I can be a great leader for people with and without disabilities; I will roll side-by-side with my wheel-friends to empower, inspire, and support healing and happiness,” Erica Myron, Ms. Wheelchair USA 2021-2022.

The pageant was an eight day event, with contestants participating in appearances and press events throughout the community and several rehearsals to prepare for the live production.  The competition included two nights of on-stage live competition at the CenterStage Theatre in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and is produced by Lowery Lockard.  She began the event 24 years ago as a state competition that has since grown to a national contest.  To enter the Ms. Wheelchair USA competition, a person must be at least 18 years old and, while they can have use of their legs, they must use a mobility device of some type to improve their quality-of-life.  Applications are open now for the 2022 competitions.


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